Rodon Photography & Digital Design | About
Like a painter, every photographer has a brush stroke, a personal style, that certain something that draws attention to their work. The ability to capture a moment, to document that very special day in a person's life and to portray the beauty of those moments is what makes Gertrudis Rodon's style stand out. Whether it is her understanding of people's emotions, her unique way of making a person feel at ease or her personable attitude, Gert captures the best in people, scenery and/or occasion. One can easily say that this natural ability is what defines her signature style.

Gert believes in living a life worthy of memories and storytelling. She finds nothing so beautiful as a genuine smile, and nothing so powerful as a tender embrace. Having studied several photography methodology and with endless hours of training to her credits, Gert often likes to break the rules and instead strives to capture that special image which evokes an emotion, thought or sentiment; the kind of image not easily forgotten; the kind of image that will bring a smile to your face long after your photo session is over.